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Built over 170 years ago, the Old State Bank in Decatur stands today as a reminder of Decatur's rich history. Completed in 1833, the building originally housed the Tennessee Valley branch of the Bank of the State of Alabama. After the failure of the state bank, it saw many varied uses and even survived the destruction of Decatur during the Civil War. Throughout an often turbulent history, the Old Bank has stood sentinel over the growing city of Decatur and today it is preserved as a building filled with both historical and architectural significance.

In the early 1800's the settlement of Decatur was virtually unknown. The placement of the state bank in Decatur gave the area a new significance and aided in its transition to established town. In addition to establishing Decatur's importance in the state, the bank also heralded a new era in which banking played an increasingly important role in developing state economy.

Architecturally, the Old State Bank played a significant role in the influence and development of architectural style in Alabama for several decades. By combining elements of the Federal style with the Greek Revival style, the Old State Bank introduced a new look and influenced building style in Alabama until the Civil War.

Today the Old State Bank is considered as a historic landmark in Decatur. The Old State Bank Board of Directors has worked to preserve the bank as a museum and the bank currently provides a unique insight into the beginning of banking in Alabama. By serving as host to programming and special events, the bank offers its visitors a glimpse into Alabama history.

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Contact Information:
The Old State Bank
952 Bank Street NE
P.O. Box 488
Decatur, AL 35602

Phone Number:

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