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Reintroducing Grammar Schools surely won't be cheap. I believe that budget could be better used to help support our FE colleges. Theresa May may have won over Tories hearts, but like the majority of her predecessors, she has proved to have too narrow a mind to win over everyday people.

Many schools have started collecting data on pupils' country of birth, nationality and level of English proficiency through the school census in line with the national population census, to fulfil the Department for Education requirement.

Let's be clear about another thing too - there's more to voting than just choosing which party promises to benefit you the most financially.

Freedom of religion or belief is widely violated around the world, in various ways - through violent persecution or imprisonment of religious minorities, discriminatory or restrictive laws, or incitement to hatred. Authoritarian regimes, religious extremists and criminal gangs are among those who flagrantly abuse freedom of religion or belief...

Conflicting messages and vague assurances could undermine the process and at this time of economic and democratic uncertainty, the business community and local government need some guarantee that the Government has an industrial strategy for the whole of the UK and plan for Brexit and beyond.

Voices and ideas from the areas of food, land, travellers, domestic violence, poverty, asylum and debt are all vital to finding grains of truth that allow us to face up to our Hidden Civil War. To face difficult truths in troubled times, we require deep collaboration, reflection and above all, listening.

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There are too many people today experiencing mental health problems who can only access help when they have already reached crisis point. We need investment in prevention, early diagnosis and intervention. We cannot ignore the ticking time bomb that is the product of stripping out so much early intervention. Theresa May acknowledged this during her first speech as Prime Minister, when she said, "If you suffer from mental health problems, there's not enough help to hand." It is vital that our new Prime Minister steps in and makes sure that mental health services get the funding they so desperately need.

In an historic moment for the child fostering sector - and urged on by the Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP - foster care workers have voted to unionise and launch their own branch of the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain Union (IWGB). The decision was taken at a packed meeting of foster care workers at Parliament on Monday 19th September.

Digital democracy has taken centre stage of late. Indeed, the recent launch by Jeremy Corbyn of Labour's digital manifesto and plans to 'democratise the internet' show a realisation by politicians and parties that technology must be central to policy and should enable citizens to interact with the democratic process in a more participatory and meaningful way.

As Donald Trump fails to get members of his own party to vote for him are we starting to see the beginnings of a landslide victory for Clinton in November? With a fractured and divided party that are not able to come together behind their candidate, the situation looks like it can only benefit the Democratic nominee whom I am sure will welcome the endorsements of any former Republican Presidents with open arms.

Rebel MPs claim Corbyn is uncommunicative, makes policy announcements without consulting shadow Ministers and that he hides behind a praetorian guard of advisers. Perhaps, the most personally hurtful allegation is that he is more out of touch with his fellow MPs than Tony Blair ever was. Winning the leadership election will not deal with these concerns. And, as a past rebel, Jeremy Corbyn knows that relying on the power of the whips or the threat of de-selection does not secure loyalty. Corbyn needs the active support of the Parliamentary Party from here until the next election if he is to be Prime Minister. Threatening de-selection or, even worse doing it, will create more enemies. Despite these problems Corbyn retains the capacity to surprise...

Jeremy Corbyn gave the Leader's report. He talked about his work to make politics more engaging. He welcomed the increase in Labour Party membership and talked about the positive difference new members could make, particularly in parts of the country where Labour has not traditionally been active. He thanked Labour Party staff for their continued hard work.

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