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Selection Process at the Bank of England

We have designed the application process for experienced professionals to be a quick and easy process. There are four stages for you to complete before you can submit an application.


The first page you will come to when you apply for a role is the “register” page. This is something you will only have to fill out once and you can then make additional applications without having to re-enter the data. On this page we require you to provide basic information which allows us to contact you to let you know the outcome of your application.

Equal opportunities monitoring

There is also an Equal Opportunities form which we would like you to complete to enable us to properly monitor our performance in recruitment as recommended by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Any information you provide on this form is stored separately to your application and plays no part in producing any shortlist. We recognise that not everyone wants to disclose this information so under each heading you will have the option to “decline”.

CV upload and covering letter

Alongside the CV Upload facility you will find a free text box allowing you to enter up to 250 words for a covering letter. It is highly recommended that you spend time putting together a covering letter. We also recommend that you first complete this letter in a word processing package which will enable you to check the spelling and grammar before submitting. This letter is your opportunity to tailor your application to the Bank and the particular role, allowing you to expand on information you think would be of interest in the recruiting manager (e.g. relevant experience). It is also useful if you can give us an indication of your salary requirements and/or recent earnings in this section.

Once you have completed these stages you must submit your application in order for us to view it. As a security measure, you will be asked to re-enter your password before you can do so.

The Interview

Whichever role you apply for at the Bank, you will be required to attend an interview. Interviews will typically be held with two members of Bank staff and will cover both your CV/application form and the competencies of the role. You may be required to return to the Bank for a second interview, with a senior manager from the local area. For some senior or specialist roles there may be a third interview.

You will also usually meet with a member of Human Resources who will ask you some due diligence questions (around our vetting procedures) and may cover some additional competency based questions. We also use this interview to make sure you fully understand our salary and benefits and to provide you with further information on working at the Bank. We try to hold this interview at the same time as you return for a second interview to reduce the number of times you need to come in to the Bank.


For some roles in the Bank, particularly if you are applying as an experienced economist, you may be required to deliver a seminar/presentation on a paper you have worked on or a topical economic policy issue. In other areas, such as Project Management, you may be required to present a case study. Details of the requirements for any presentation will be provided in sufficient time to allow you to prepare.


In some recruitment campaigns, we require candidates to sit a test or series of short tests as a first stage before you can be considered for interview. This is almost always the case for analytical roles and also for clerical or administrative roles.

If you are required to sit a test, you will be provided with information on the type of test and any preparation you can undertake ahead of the test.

Our contact with you

After you apply, there will be an on screen confirmation of your application. Following the closing date, you will be contacted by email to let you know whether your application is being taken forward to the next stage of the selection process.

We aim to get back to you within a few weeks of your selection day, depending to some extent on the number of candidates being considered for a position.

Pre-employment checks

All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory references, security clearance, identity check, criminal record check, credit check, proof of qualifications and immigration clearance, where appropriate. You will also be asked to complete a medical questionnaire.

Are you interested in a career with the Bank of England?

Frequently Asked Questions for experienced professionals at the Bank of England

How much will I earn?

Your salary at the Bank of England will depend on the position that you are recruited to, your qualifications and your experience. Your salary is reviewed annually and linked to performance.

Where will I work?

The majority of the positions are based in our Head Office in Threadneedle Street, London or at our 20 Moorgate Building in Moorgate London. However, we also have a number of small Agencies around the UK and cash centres in Essex and Leeds.

How many vacancies are there?

Jobs are advertised internally first. If there are no suitable applicants or particular specialist skills are required, we advertise externally. Because of this, the number of vacancies in different parts of the Bank varies each year.

I am relocating to London. Will the Bank help me find suitable accommodation?

We may be able to offer relocation support to those new experienced professional entrants currently based overseas who are relocating to London to work at the Bank. Further details on this will be made available if a job offer is made.

What are the minimum academic requirements for experienced professionals?

It will depend on the particular job you apply for. In some cases the relevant work experience you have will be more important than your academic qualifications.

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