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Old Bank of England pub

About The Old Bank of England Pub:

Before the Bank of England was here, there had actually been two taverns (pubs) on this site in the 16th and 17th centuries called 'The Cock' and 'The Haunch of Venison'. Both taverns were demolished in 1888 to make way for the construction of the Law Courts branch of The Bank of England, designed in the Italianate style which was popular at the time.

The Bank of England traded on this site for 87 years, until 1975, when the premises were sold to a building society. In 1994 Fuller's Brewery took over the lease and began a major refurbishment with the aim of restoring it to its former glory. The building is Grade I listed (must be preserved) and Fuller's have done a grand job as the interior is opulent and the centerpiece bar is so tall a ladder is provided to reach the higher shelves.

Sweeney Todd Connection:

The Old Bank of England Pub also has a more grisly connection with the past, as it is between the site of Sweeney Todd's barber shop - 'The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' - and Mrs Lovett's pie shop.

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The tunnels and vaults below the present building were where Todd's victims were butchered before being cooked and sold in the pies to Mrs Lovett's unsuspecting customers.

The Old Bank of England Pub serves food all day including afternoon tea. Look out for the 'Speciality Pies' menu including the 'Old Bank of England House Pie'.

You may to try and there's a popular popular nearby too.


This is a very popular pub and is often packed at lunchtimes and early evenings. I visited on a weekday evening and found it popular but uncrowded. There were two private functions taking place so I couldn't get to the courtyard/garden but I did head up to the gallery (limited seating) which has a great view of the building's ceiling and painted murals.

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