UK interest rates kept at

Current interest rates in UK

Rates on two, five and 10-year fixed deals have fallen this year following a surge in late 2015, when Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, then made comments suggesting a rate rise was imminent.

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Warnings in late 2015 that rising wholesale rates (swap rates) would lead to mortgage cost increases were disrupted by gloomy economic data from around the world, which sent wholesale rates tumbling early this year.

The Bank of England has now cut Bank Rate to 0.25pc, but it's still not clear exactly what the impact on fixed mortgages will be.

The vote to leave the EU has sent swap rates down even further, and so the downward trend in mortgage rates is, if anything, likely to be reinforced by the Brexit vote. As yet, it is unclear whether mortgage providers will tighten lending restrictions as a result.

At the moment, rates certainly aren't going up. Lenders are offering historically low rates on ten-year fixed deals, which were previously unpopular with borrowers but might enjoy a resurgence as uncertainty about rates leads many more to pick them.

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What affects mortgage rates?

The pricing of fixed mortgage rates depends on several factors, but mostly whether banks can get their hands on cheap money to lend out. They usually get it from savers or by borrowing from other banks on the money markets, buying money at a certain rate โ€“ the "swap" rate โ€“ for a certain time period.

These swap rates react to expectations of future interest rates and inflation, which affect the price of mortgages.

Swap rates dropped sharply this January amid global economic turbulence, and again following the Brexit vote.

The best ten-year fixed rates are back below 3pc and five-year fixed rates below 2pc, mirroring record rates from early 2015.

However, the Bank has made it clear in the past that if runaway house prices are a risk and ultra-low mortgage rates are a cause, the latter will be policed away โ€“ by heaping new costs or capital requirements on the banks.

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