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Liquidity Manager Notice
The interest rate that you receive will be dependant on the notice period you selected, as well as the balance in your account.

Rates of interest effective from 30th May 2014. Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.

Important Information: Early withdrawals from the 95 Day Liquidity Manager Notice Account are not permitted.

You will need to provide the relevant notice to withdraw your funds if you do not wish to incur an early withdrawal fee. If you are unable to give the required notice and require earlier access to your funds, then you will incur an early withdrawal fee. This fee will be equivalent to the interest you would have earned during your notice period.

Interest rates are subject to variation.

Common Definition

Gross – this means the interest rate you are paid.

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) – this is a notional rate used for interest bearing accounts, which illustrates the interest rate if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.

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